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We are very happy to recommend the services used by the companies below, and we only do so for the few companies whom we trust in their expertise, professionalism and integrity, Click on the underlined text to go to the relevant websites.



These are the only three mechanics we trust with these 70s and 80s bikes For any motorcycle servicing or complex fixes or hard to source parts try one of :-


 Viking Classic Motorcycles

            For true classic motorbike mechanical and Parts expertise try Pat or Tim on 07835 646513


Fletcher Autos

           Kevin is an excellent mechanic and a great restorer with a real passion for Japanese bikes.


Chris Roffey Motorcycles

          Chris is an excellent mechanic with great knowledge of these bikes, he gets these engines really humming !



Bike Delivery or Collection

If you need a bike delivered or collected anywhere in the Uk we recommend;


 Moving Motorcycles

          Run by Ron Perkins who is passionate about bikes and provides an excellent  reliable delivery and collection service.


For International shipping we recommend;



          Giles and his team provide an excellent service to help navigate the complexities of delivering or collecting a bikes from anywhere in the world.



If we don't have the right Japanese classic bike for you we recommend you try either of these sites;



          Run by Paul Brace, a very interesting guy, who is extremely knowledgable and passionate about 1970s japanese Superbikes, and has a great collection.


 Classic Superbikes

          Run by Chris Bunce, very experienced across a wide range of Classic bikes and who has been very helpful to Earl Classics


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