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We wish to take the stress out of buying a classic motorbike, by providing a simple tailored warranty.  We want this to be as uncomplicated as possible with no third parties or complex paperwork involved. At Earl Classics we spend a lot of time servicing, checking and test driving our bikes to make them the most reliable and rideable classics on sale. However as they are typically 35 - 50 years old things can still go wrong. We believe we now offer the best warranty of any Classic motorbike dealer.

Please note we do not cover cosmetics under the warranty and require the customer to cover costs of transporting the bike for repair.


Standard Warranty


This covers fixing anything that does not work correctly or safely on the bike up to three months after delivery. There is a maximum limit of £1,000 which can cover either parts or labour.  Cosmetics of the bikes appearance are not covered, this is the buyers responsibility to check in person, or if buying remotely we are happy to take any requested additional photographs to assist. The cost of taking the bike for repair is the responsibility of the customer.  We prefer to fix the bike by returning it to the mechanic we have used to service it ( the business card is always supplied on delivery). However If a long distance is involved we are happy to allow the bike to be fixed by a local mechanic and then refund the cost.


Exclusive Warranty


This is the same as the standard Warranty, but increases the duration and limit to 6 months and £1,500. This is offered automatically on all our Exclusive Classic bikes 

Four stroke Exclusive Classics are now given the option of a further extended warranty up to one year and £2,000 in total for an additional £250. Unfortunately we cannot offer this on two strokes due to the more fragile nature of classic two stroke bikes.


Zero Warranty.


This is an option for experienced mechanically gifted buyers where we are open to offering no warranty but an associated price reduction of £250 for any bike.


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