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Why are your bikes more expensive than ebay ?   

When you buy from ebay it is at your risk with no come back, there are some bargains but you need to be very expert and careful as lots of dogs are done up to look good and will soon let you down with expensive repairs needed.  At EarlClassics you are buying a bike that has been fully tested examined and serviced and you are backed up by a proper Limited company and a comp[rehensive warranty. Even after that period if anything goes wrong we will help you to get it fixed with the least hassle and cheapest cost.


Why do you only deal in Large capacity Japanese bikes from the 70s and 80s ?

We simply love these Classic Japanese Superbikes from the golden age of biking and we believe we can offer a much better and more expert service by specialising in a small number of models rather than being just a generalist sell them quick type dealer. We dont deal with the smaller bikes as too be honest we find them a bit to slow and dull to be exciting. To us they just don't fit with our "drive your dreams" ideal.


I am very busy can you help with delivery?

Absolutely we will deliver free of charge up to 50 miles, and after that can arrange delivery for you anywhere at a fair price to you.


I am looking for a specific model which i don't see on your website can you help ?  

We are very happy to help with sourcing a particular model assuming it is in our general area of expertise. We will discuss your requirements and for a small deposit find and prepare the best example possible for you.


I have a vehicle to trade in will you take it in Part exchange?

We are open to looking at any bike or car as a part exhchange, but best prices will be given for  good condition Classic 1970s and 80s Japanese motorcycles.


Will you organise classic bike events?

We fully intend to do this starting with some Earl Classics ride outs in the Summer for our customers, followed by a barbeque at our premesis.




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