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Earl Classics

Hi I am Marc, Owner of Earl Classics


After a 30 year plus successful career in business, i have set Earlclassics up as a family business to allow me to follow my passion for classic japanese motorbikes of the 1970's amd 80's.


The aim of this business is to preserve these wonderful machines for the pleasures of the coming generations. We believe the bikes are for enjoying and riding not just showing and polishing, so aim to return them to as standard as economically possible, and to get them looking 1-2 years old, rather than so perfect that they are too good to ride ! We will usually have 25-30 or so bikes in stock at any one time.


My passion for bikes started when I got my first moped at 18, since then I became an RAC Instructor, toured down to the south of spain and had many bikes over the years nearly all of which i loved.

Bikes I have owned in order.


Puch Grand Prix       - The First one

Honda CB100N         - The dull one

Honda CB250RS       - The one i fell off

Yamaha XJ550          - The one i toured on

Yamaha XJ650

Yamahe XJ600

Kawasaki GPz750     

Kawasaki GPz750R    - Cheap 900R 

Suzuki GSX1100F      - The ugliest one 

Honda Fireblade         - The first race rep

Yamaha YZF750R      - The stolen one 

Honda Blackbird         -  The fastest one 

Ducati Monster 600

Ducati Monster S4R     - The best sounding

Suzuki Bandit 1100

Yamaha 1000 Fazer    - Too plastic 


Then after a 3 year break i bought my first classic a GT750B shown on the Home page, and my love for classics started there !

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