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Yamaha XS650/840 1981

This is a very special special !  A 1981 Yamaha XS650 that our expert mechanic  has completely rebuilt at great cost to become a very rare XS840. We took this bike in part exchange, it had been beautifully restored and sounded good. It had had a HALCO 840cc conversion. Unfortunately after inspection we found the conversion had been done very badly. We decided that the bike deserved to be done properly so under took this full engine rebuild, which was recetly completed. The bike has  new barrels, bores, pistons, valves and crankshaft all supplied by the experts SMED speed.  As well as a totally rebuilt engine which has only done 40 miles or so, the bike has a custom metallic flake paint job which looks stunning in the sunlight and superb chrome. The engine is now very smooth, quiet as well as very powerful and very torquey. It is a beautiful comfortable bike that you could cruise on all day.

For a one off classic usable and stunning custom cruiser and effectively a "new" bike you won't find better

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