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The Suzuki GS's,


The first of the GS Series was the four-cylinder GS750 released alongside the GS400 parallel twin in November 1976. (1977 Model Year). The GS750 engine was essentially patterned off the Kawasaki Z1-900, and became the design basis for all air-cooled Suzuki four-stroke fours until the release of the GSX-R. The GS750 engine was fitted into a dual cradle frame with telescopic forks, twin rear shocks and a front disc brake. The new GS750 was lauded for its handling at the time of its release, which was a significant improvement over its Japanese contemporaries, the older Honda CB750, the shaft-driven Yamaha XS750, and the more powerful but wayward handling Kawasaki 900.


The GS range was expanded in subsequent model years with a smaller 550cc four-cylinder GS550 and larger GS1000 added in 1977 (MY1978), along with shaft drive touring versions, the 1000G and 850G. 


The Suzuki GS1000 was suzuki's reaction to the Kawasaki Z1, and although not the groundbreaker the Z1 was , the GS1000 was both quicker and much better handling.  The GS1000S fair model was a Wes Cooley race replica model which is still held in high regard. This bikes have superbly reliable for cylinder 8 valve engines which can easily run to very high mileages.






90bhp  232kg  137mph  11.8std1/4


90bhp  238kg  138mph  11.7std1/4


72bhp  223kg  123mph  12.8std1/4


78bhp  253kg  125mph  12.4std1/4


73bhp  213kg  122mph  13.3std1/4


49bhp  196kg  111mph  13.9std1/4

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