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The Kawasaki GPZ's


In 1981 the GPz1100 was the first 1,100 cc motorcycle released by Kawasaki. It was officially marketed as the GPz1100 B1.Rather than featuring carburetors, the B1 was fitted with electronic fuel injection (EFI) The key cosmetic change was the paint scheme and the return to a painted black engine similar to the original Z1 released in 1973. The B1 was followed the following year by the GPz1100 B2; the B2 featured a cockpit fairing and the use of LCD warning lights and improved engine coating using a black chrome finish instead of the previous black paint.


In 1983 a new GPz1100 design was released that featured Unitrack single suspension, anti-dive units on the forks and a major styling overhaul often called the "swish" look. This model contained many features that were to appear on the GPz900R model leading to the suspicion that it was used to test the acceptability of newer technology such as Unitrack and Anti-Dive forks and the newer styling. The 1983 model featured the same EFI design with one small modification, the inclusion of a warning light that flashed service codes when the DFI system was having a problem.


The GPz series proved to be very popular, with 550, and 750 aircooled versions followed by the watercooled 750R and 900R.








108bhp  237kg  137mph  11.5 st1/4


78bhp  230kg  135mph  12.2 st1/4


65bhp  209kg  127mph  13.3 st1/4


120bhp  244kg  150mph  11.0 st1/4

GPZ900R -A1

115bhp  228kg  158mph  10.9 st1/4


92bhp  228kg  136mph  12.4 st1/4

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