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Honda CBX1000Z 1978

This is an early UK CBX1000Z with an interesting history. I bought this bike just over a year ago from a chap who had owned it since 1992. He had lots of bikes and used it for 10 years then left it standing in his garage for the next 20 ! The bike was showing 10,000 miles with a some history backing this up, but was in a sorry state. I decided to comission CBX guru and author of the CBX restoration Paul Jennings guide to do a deep full recomission of the bike, as well as ensuring everything was back to UK standard spec. This included a full engine strip, new cam chains , primary chain, valve stem oil seals crank and piston reings check , new clutch rubbers , oldham couplers, new plugs, filters etc.  All electrical components were renewed and checks. Carbs were stripped and rebuilt, new brake hoses, and master cylinder seals were fitted. Rechromed front forks , with new oil seals , new wheel bearings , and swingin arm bushes, new chain, new steering head bushes.all new cables etc etc.  We also got dream machine to redoe the lovely candy red paintwork that was scratched. The bike has its original HM422 exhaust, as well as all the hard to get UK parts such as Acorn mirrors and long rear mudguard. It has now done 130 miles since the work was completed and starts runs and rides beautifully. This bike retains its original frame and engine paint, and even its original seat cover.  We have spent nearly £9,000 to get this bike to this condition, but are now proud to present a lovely original CBX brought back to life and ready for the next 30 years.

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